Log Collection

A back straining weekend of log cutting and moving – 18 small trailer loads cut and moved (and various branches still with the donkeys and cooes to chew on)


To put this picture in scale – the larger logs in the foreground at 18-20 inches diameter

A little more to come out of the river – if it stays low and my chainsaw sharpener arrives 🙂


Another first to deal with … our first big Ash tree down – and straight into the river


Health and safety people look away now – using a chainsaw whilst stood in the river either on slippery rocks or on semi-floating logs whilst removing the branches was not the most safety “aligned” thing I have done – but I suppose I was very aware of it – so each choice and cut took a long time to get sorted. Along with roping each branch to prevent it flowing down river when ‘freed’ from its anchor.

Managed to get 90% of the foliage in – and shared between the Donkeys and Highland Cows (they both love the leaves and twigs – and the donkeys chew the bark


A few large limbs left to remove – hopefully the river is lower this weekend – and we can complete the work and maybe roll the trunk back towards the river bank to create a ‘big seat’  and free up the small beach that people love to play on as they walk past.

[No way my chainsaw can make it through the main trunk .. too big]

New additions

Following our recent losses (thanks to the local Mink we believe) – we have had a restocking of our chickens – welcome to the six new additions

Salt & pepper (black and white speckled) , tikka and tandoori (brown / black blackrocks) , Garlic and Mayo (white chickens)DSC01177DSC01175-2.jpg