Suspended Cottages

It is with regret that we have had to suspend our holiday cottages in line with government guidelines. We understand this is a disappointment for many, especially those who new they could ‘isolate’ in the cottages often better than at home.

We have been working with all our guests to re-book and move the holidays / short breaks as best we can. Those who have booked via Sykes need to go online or contact Sykes to make the necessary changes – everyone else we will do our best to accommodate you and will be open again as soon as we are allowed – we are losing money as well as disappointing you 🙁


As for us .. lock down is easier for when we have our own fields and animals to take care of without leaving the property and plenty of jobs to do, so we are in a far better position than most!

Am I allowed out?

Growing Up

Arty is becoming a big lad …. posing for the ‘family’ portrait  (Loki couldn’t wait that long!)IMG_20190519_095328.jpg


and looking for Maze as usual – the normal morning walk across the moorsIMG_20190512_085523.jpg

The search area widens … same picture – un-cropped … it doesn’t get much better than this!IMG_20190512_0855231.jpg

Open Afternoon

We are opening the doors to Boskins and Speight Cottage between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday 5th January for anybody who would like to have a look around and see exactly what all the builders were doing for 6 months in 2018, through rain, sun and snow.

Lawnmowers are back

With a bit of careful positioning of electric fence tape, we have let the coowes in to our garden once more to eat the lush green grass and to rearrange the garden furniture

A glorious day once again in the yorkshire dales

[wpvideo KeRNYmvm]

Emergency repairs

Went out to one of our fields to move the donkeys electric fence – we keep them contained or as they will occasionally chase people out of the field (only if someone on the public footpath has a dog that runs ‘out of control’ around them – they have learnt by escorting (head down and push) the owner and the dog leaves 🙂 ).

Unfortunately we found that the ‘dry-stone’ wall to the road has half collapsed (some of the outer section still there). – I use dry-stone wall in quotes as the debris had a lot of concrete/mortar in it.



As with most jobs – it would have been easier to build from scratch rather than repair – but its a long wall!! – we also resorted to the assistance of some lime mortar to cushion some of the more awkward shaped stones – but the end result looks good and seems (fingers crossed) stable again.

norA few bits left over of course (my packing in the wall was less i suspect – and the mortar will have displaced  some as well.