Summer time jobs


Finally added some guttering to the lower shedding roof… its only taken two years of walking through a curtain of water every-time there was any dampness around – its all a matter of priorities :).

Growing Up

Arty is becoming a big lad …. posing for the ‘family’ portrait  (Loki couldn’t wait that long!)IMG_20190519_095328.jpg


and looking for Maze as usual – the normal morning walk across the moorsIMG_20190512_085523.jpg

The search area widens … same picture – un-cropped … it doesn’t get much better than this!IMG_20190512_0855231.jpg

Open Afternoon

We are opening the doors to Boskins and Speight Cottage between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday 5th January for anybody who would like to have a look around and see exactly what all the builders were doing for 6 months in 2018, through rain, sun and snow.

Emergency repairs

Went out to one of our fields to move the donkeys electric fence – we keep them contained or as they will occasionally chase people out of the field (only if someone on the public footpath has a dog that runs ‘out of control’ around them – they have learnt by escorting (head down and push) the owner and the dog leaves 🙂 ).

Unfortunately we found that the ‘dry-stone’ wall to the road has half collapsed (some of the outer section still there). – I use dry-stone wall in quotes as the debris had a lot of concrete/mortar in it.



As with most jobs – it would have been easier to build from scratch rather than repair – but its a long wall!! – we also resorted to the assistance of some lime mortar to cushion some of the more awkward shaped stones – but the end result looks good and seems (fingers crossed) stable again.

norA few bits left over of course (my packing in the wall was less i suspect – and the mortar will have displaced  some as well.

After the storm the calm

A few hectic moments and worried looks as we weathered the storm of the last few days – before today showed autumn at its best.