On the 26/27th March we welcomed new blood to the house with 17 more chicks all successfully hatched from the incubator.

Having spent a week in the dining room (in a hamster cage) – they have now transferred today to the ‘big outdoors’ (well a caged off area in the hay barn).

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  1. Hi, hope you are all well. Wondered with the current situation have you any availability for the end of Aug 2020. Myself and my partner Pete Henry stayed in your Cottage with the Hot Tub in Aug 2018, I think we where the 3rd couple to stay as you had just renovated it. (Was amazing). It ticked every box for us both. We have tried to book on several occasions before Lockdown but understandably you have always been fully booked. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind Regards
    Debbie x

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