Scrog House was on maps as far back as 1568 – the only earlier record (1280) showed no dwellings here.

It has always been one holding – but with varying lands and ownership – the name appears to have come from references to scrub land or scrub covered water meadows that bordered the  property in early days.

There are references to the property being the longhouse of the valley when Norsemen used the valley as upper pastures (a reference to Sedbergh’s name) during the summer only.  This is not the property we now know but was situated slightly east on the flat ground (towards the bridge from the current buildings). [our donkey pasture]

Local bridges were named after the landowners – and in 1727 the bridge at the end of the property (now known as straight bridge) was shown as Speight bridge – Scrogg house was owned by the Speight family in the 16 century

A little of what we know

(Pictured the condition when we purchased the property on 2016)

Recent past

The previous owner renamed the property Meadowbank farm for a short time – we reinstated the old name (there was no formal renaming completed by the previous owner- just local signage)

The current farm house was built in 1895 by the Dover family and converted the old house to a barn (the building currently most easterly on the property)

The building is equipped with call bells that ring in the pantry, kitchen and one bedroom, and it is believed it was used as a Bed and Breakfast stop – and this was for guests (rather than the owner summoning servants)

Then we started the build