Paddy,  Seren and Albert are our 3 donkeys.

Paddy (born on St Patricks Day)  is white (well muddy brown most of the time) and is a very playful boy of 3 years old.  Seren is a beautiful chocolate brown colour and a year older, and spends a lot of her time making sure that Paddy doesn’t get into trouble.  She is a very calm girl.

Both are very friendly but can get a little excitable if something strange or unknown happens such as a loud noise.  They came from a wildlife park with many young visitors so are very used to being stroked and hand fed with their favourite treats of carrots and polos.  They have recently taken a liking to the chickens corn and can get very vocal if they think they are are being forgotten.

They can often be seen playing with a orange traffic cone or a wellie boot filled with tasty treats. This keeps them mentally stimulated as they are very intelligent animals (some of the time!)

We do keep them behind an electric fence – as they do like to run up to people or chase dogs, both of which can be a little scary if you don’t know what is happening.

Paddy and Seren have now been joined by Albert who is just coming up to 3 years old.  He moved to us from the local Cross Keys Inn near Cautley Spout after his companion sheep died and he became very lonely.  He can now be seen playing and running around with his new friend Paddy,  This means that Seren gets a little peace and quiet at times.nor