By age (or I will be accused of favoritism!)

  • Koda (Inuit Indian from ‘friend’)  – a 7 year old long haired Tri-coloured Border collie – rescued from a welsh hill farm.
  • Loki (god of mischief in Norse mythology) –  a 7 year old short haired black (with a little white) Border collie – rescued from a welsh hill farm.
  • Maze – short for Mazikeen (the devils handmaiden) – a 6 year old Patterdale terrier (black) – adopted from the Wainwright Shelter at Grayrigg
  • Moriarty (Arty for short) is a spaniel – a 3 year old mostly springer – (but we are not sure what else is in there :).  He joined us in mid 2019 as a 12 week old when his owners realised how much work a new puppy was – he fitted in quickly with our ‘pack’ and makes himself a home with most of the guests (with or without dogs of their own)
  • Odin – an 11 month old rescue from Romania.  A mixed breed with German Shepherd and Caucasian Shepherd to name a few!  He is our ‘special’ boy as he has limited eye sight and mobility issues, and can be scared/nervous of new people and situations.